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Rules of the Brainery

There is a ZERO tolerance policy to the following rules:

  • 1. All posts must be Bluebeam related
  • 2. Be nice. Negativity in any form will be removed immediately at my discretion.
  • 3. NO SELLING. I know there are several talented instructors out there. I want this site to be a resource to everyone and encourage instructors to share content as well. A good industry-wide resource should include all the top talent so the doors are open. In return, I ask, please be respectful of other members and my site by not directly selling your services through posts or DM’s. There’s enough work out there for all of us to work together. Some may not like my teaching style and I will gladly recommend another instructor. If customers are drawn to the value you provide they will naturally seek your services. Please be respectful of my business website. If your posts in any way resemble a sales pitch, they will be removed. The value you provide will attract more opportunities than any cheesy sales pitch. That’s not what the Brainery members are here for. I will be watching this closely!
  • 4. Answer questions. If your asking questions, please take the time to also leave answers.

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