Testimonials for UChapter2 and Troy DeGroot

Training with Troy is a no-brainer

As the education director for a large trade association, I’m tasked with finding quality training programs to offer to our membership. We struck gold with Troy’s courses. Troy’s courses are exactly what our members are looking for, starting with the very basics and moving into more advanced “power-user” tips and tricks. All of the feedback I’ve heard from members who have attended training through UChapter2 has been positive, with a large percentage of those signing up for additional classes. Repeat customers tell you everything you need to know: you won’t be sorry for attending these classes.

Tom Kennedy
Education Director

Maximizing Productivity

Troy helped us maximize our productivity using Bluebeam. We invested in Bluebeam several years ago. But, until recently, when we engaged Troy to train our users, we didn’t know that we were only scratching the surface of what we could do with Bluebeam. Troy’s easy-to-understand training sessions helped us to drive engagement from our users, opening their eyes to the power of Bluebeam as a powerful productivity tool. We look forward to continued training and customization of Bluebeam for our team by Troy to further leverage this amazing tool.

Anthony LoFurno
Director Of Land Development
GL Homes

Feedback on the Baseline Basics course

Troy did an excellent job, and the class was extremely beneficial for my team!
I have two suggestions:
1.) Maybe consider having an assistant to help field some of the group questions. With 95-100 people seems like it would be tough to stay on schedule and answer all of the questions.
2.) The overlay section was my favorite part of the training, but I would have liked having the pdf’s you were working off of to follow along. I am a hands-on learner….

Overall great job Troy. I look forward to attending more of your training classes.


Justin Shields
General Manager
Mass Excavation

Great Course

We hosted a private group course with 25 participants. The group included people from every department from Operations to Accounting. This was a great way to ensure we all had the same base knowledge. The feedback from the team was very positive. Troy is a great instructor, his course included tips, tricks and helpful settings to make using Bluebeam efficient.

Sharlot Beatty
Director of Talent and Development

Sharpening your axe

Troy did an excellent job at bringing to the forefront specific skills needed to better execute work flows specific to our team’s needs. Time spent focused on sharpening your axe; increasing skills is quickly followed by high performance from the team with Bluebeam. You can always buy the best tools, however understanding and executing with those tools will be costly; either you buy a software with no understanding (spend the money and get no results) or try to have the team learn on their own (everyone is using the software differently and no one is at 80% efficient) or get training from an expert with a specific target on your teams usage of the software (highest long term value). Training is the most critical attribute in any software; if you aren’t going to get the training you will simply use 25-40% of the capabilities, meaning you aren’t going to be receiving what you invested in.

Renfred Miller

There’s no downside, it’s a win-win-win!

I work for a trade association with over 330 construction-related firms looking to us to provide educational opportunities for their employees. We have partnered with Troy and UChapter2 for over a year now, and I’ve got nothing but great things to say. Troy makes it easy to promote his classes to our members, our members get access to top-notch training at excellent rates, and the trainees get to learn from one of the world’s top Bluebeam instructors, right from their own workstations. Troy delivers content in a logical sequence, building on existing knowledge, and his expertise is evident in the first few minutes of any class. Students are able to apply their new knowledge immediately after class, so the return on investment is almost instantaneous. If you have ever opened Bluebeam in your life to look at construction drawings, or if you plan training courses, or if you employ estimators or project managers or superintendents, I can literally not think of a single reason why you wouldn’t get involved with UChapter2. It’s a no-brainer!

Tom Kennedy
Education Director

Value Add for Members

Our members have access to classes that we may not otherwise be able to offer due to a lack of instructors. Troy makes it easy for partners to market classes. This revenue-share program is a win-win.

Jennifer Landon
VP Education & Workforce Development
Associated Builders & Contractors NH/VT
NovaTech Wall Systems UChapter2.com Testimonial

NovaTech Testimonial for UChapter2.com

Prior to taking continuing education classes from U Chapter 2, our workflow was horrible. We had 3 different sales departments all doing their own thing making it difficult to transfer projects from one group to the next. We had incomplete take-offs with different formats making it very difficult to follow what the group before us was doing. We had several levels of expertise causing confusion when transferring data from one team to the next.

Troy’s instructional training classes helped us bring all our team members to the same level of expertise which allowed us to become more efficient with how we prepare our take-offs and more uniform in the format that we now use to complete our take-offs.

It’s been 6 weeks since our team has completed our training course and it has made a vast improvement on our approach on how we do take-offs. I would highly recommend U Chapter 2 to any organization looking to learn Bluebeam as a novice or to become an expert on its many functions and features.

Doug McIntyre
General Manager

Improved Workflows with Massive Time Gains

Before training with Troy my workflows were a bit disjointed and I didn’t know what I didn’t know about the different tools and features within Bluebeam. Through the discovery process, Troy learned my workflows and goals. He was able to clean the interface of tools I didn’t need and bring forward those that are relevant to me and my business.” “The day after training I immediately saw massive time gains. A typical P&ID previously taking 8 to 12 hours is now completed in 2 to 3 hours.


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