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  • Markups – Assigned Layers

    Posted by Roye Arie on March 19, 2021 at 8:46 am

    Often times I use check marks to cross off items that I verified. Good example is door shops, it can be very tedious to compare and track which doors and hardware are completed.

    I used to just place my markups and then go one by one and delete them. That is such a waste of time.
    I found that I can assign a layer to a markup in the tool-set. Right click on the markup, go down to “Layer” and click on it, it will prompt you to name the layer. I use a “sacrificial” layer, so when I place that specific markup style/s they automatically go to that specific layer.

    Upon review completion, I can then just delete the sacrificial layer with all its markups and keep the document or drawings cleaner.

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