Bluebeam Revu – Settings & Preferences

Let’s look at some settings that can help speed up your workflows and eliminate some frustrations.
User Name
User Interface – Profile
Full-screen crosshairs
Snap Settings
AutoComplete words & how to clear them!
Autosize Textbox
Boundry size for Dynamic Fill
Automatically check out drawings when opening in Studio Project.
Studio notifications flashing
Studio Sessions display name
Select highlight text
Export settings
Set Bluebeam as your default viewer
Stamp folder location
Email template location
ToolSet and Profile folder location
and most important BACK UP YOUR SETTINGS

There you have it. I hope this one was helpful, remember little hinges swing big doors. One checkbox in your settings can completely change your workflows. You might want to bookmark this post so you can come revisit!

Are there important settings I missed? Leave a comment.

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