Top 5 Tips for Collecting Field Data in Bluebeam Revu

In this third and final video covering Collecting Field Data, I want to quickly go through five Tips and Tricks. These will include:
1. Creating Spaces to track where on the plan your markups are located. If you walk into a room on-site and want to know all the information associated with that room, simply sort your Markups List by Spaces.
2. Custom Columns can be created to track individuals or maybe subcontractors who are responsible for changes or fixes.
3. Statuses can be used to track the progress of your projects. Whether you use them to mark things complete for yourself internally or the General Contractor who owns the document.
4. Legends can be created if you want a visual representation of the Markups LIst directly on the sheet. Why not make everyone aware of what markups exist on the drawing?
5. Summary Reports are extremely powerful using Bluebeam Revu. Creating a PDF report of all the markups on the drawing including a Capture Media Summary which will attach them to the document can be a clean and easy way to transfer information to others on the team.

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