Speaking of Printing issues….

  • Speaking of Printing issues….

    Posted by Isaac Harned on April 5, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    So attached I have two files, one (PH-2) processed through the stapler prior to 21.0.3, standard settings. Second file (B1.4750) processed post update, matched settings, tried several configs. The layers on the page are set to “Use Default” so when printing using the stapler, they should not print if the layer is inactive. PH-2 processed correctly, R8.1127 shows all layers.

    The only other processes ran in between is Flatten (form fields too), page size 11 x 17, headers and footers standard top and bottom (no text needed, can just put a space in each section).

    Have also attached logs from the stapler, with the first process being PH-2 and the last in the log being R8.1127. You will see the variety of formats I have tried if you dig in here, none have been successful.

    2 Reasons why I need stapler to do this, quality and batch processing. Every time I use the printer, I have to print each separately, and unless I switch to a non standard config, I lose lineweights. Would also like these to stay vectored, but that is just quality of life.

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  • Isaac Harned

    April 6, 2023 at 9:55 am
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    My work around for now is to print using the Image engine. This keeps my line weights visible, but is a pain to run on each individual. Bluebeam support has forwarded, but that’s the best it gets right now I think.