Update Project Copy from Session has never worked for me, why?

  • Update Project Copy from Session has never worked for me, why?

    Posted by Chris Riley on December 20, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    I have been using Projects and Sessions for several years. I always create a Session from my Projects and add files from the Projects to the Session. When I get new design drawings, I right click on the file that is in the Session that needs revised drawings added and select ‘Update Project Copy’, I get the notification that file has been updated, I would think this will sync my Session Copy with my Project Copy. When I look at the thumbnail in Projects it shows that the file is in the Session, in order to work on the file (insert new drawings) it needs to be taken down from the Session so I right click on the file in the Session and hit ‘Delete’, it ask me if I want to make a backup copy and I do. In Projects the Session Icon still shows it is checked out in a session, if I right click and do a ‘Revoke Checkout’, it tells me (Are you sure you want to revoke the checkout (see attachment)? any modifications made by the owner will be lost.) Sure enough the Project Copy has lost all of it’s markups. Is this the way Session is supposed to work? My little pea brain tells if I ‘Update Project Copy’ my project copy should be a copy of my Session copy. Somebody please help, have been struggling with this for years.

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  • David Cutler

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    Interesting question @ChrisRiley – I don’t use Sessions so I’m not of any use here. Perhaps @Roye or @Doug McLean can educate us all on this…

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