Layer Zoom!?!

  • Layer Zoom!?!

    Posted by Troy DeGroot on July 25, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    I hope you’re following my blog series talking about layers. Managing layers is coming out this week, but I wanted to share an exclusive Brainery tip I thought of while I was writing. First, did you know you can set certain layers to only show up when you zoom in to a certain percentage? It’s true.

    So this got me thinking, how could I set this up quicker or even automate it.

    • Make a copy of all the standard markups on my sheet.
    • In the copies, make the font, line weight, and arrows 25% the size of the originals.
    • Then assign them to the Zoom 350% Layer.
    • Create a new toolset called Zoom 350%.
    • Select all the markups, right-click and add them to the new toolset.

    Now when I run into a messy situation, I can place those small markups and the zoom layer feature is already built-in. You could create toolsets for different zoom conditions. You might also want to add in the toolset a certain color highlight polygon tool so you can mark the area that has hidden markups. This way users will know to zoom in.

    I hope you like my upcoming blog post.

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