Sharing Toolsets & Profiles

  • Sharing Toolsets & Profiles

    Posted by Troy DeGroot on February 19, 2021 at 9:27 pm

    When sharing Profiles there are specific steps you need to follow in a specific order.

    • In the Manage Columns window, on the Custom Columns Tab, be sure to Save to Profile your column template. This is important each time you make any changes to the custom columns.
    • Save and export a copy of all Tool Sets so you have them individually if needed.
    • Be sure if you have any custom hatch patterns be sure to set them to Relative Path.
    • If you are using Custom Line Styles be sure to set them to Relative Paths as well.
    • If using Revu 20, be sure to create and save any useful Filter Configurations in the Markups List.
    • Set all the toolbars and side panels with all the required tools. Be sure to minimize or expand them like you want them displayed, this also saves to the profile.
    • Save the Profile so all the updates are maintained in the most current state.
    • Export the Profile with dependencies. This should have everything associated correctly if there are any issues they can load the individual parts as needed.

    Once the file is exported, you can email it, save it to the server or build it into the MSI file for quick distribution.

    *TIP #1  If you update Tools and Profiles regularly, you may have to delete the old ones in order for them to load correctly. I go into Manage toolsets to delete all the toolsets that are updated. Then I go into Manage Profiles to do the same with the Profile.

    *TIP #2 Copy the path to the profile and tool location and create a shortcut on your desktop to quickly manage your files.

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