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NovaTech Wall Systems Testimonial
NovaTech Wall Systems Testimonial

Prior to taking continuing education classes from U Chapter 2, our workflow was horrible. We had 3 different sales departments all doing their own thing making it difficult to transfer projects from one group to the next. We had incomplete take-offs with different formats making it very difficult to follow what the group before us was doing. We had several levels of expertise causing confusion when transferring data from one team to the next.

Troy’s instructional training classes helped us bring all our team members to the same level of expertise which allowed us to become more efficient with how we prepare our take-offs and more uniform in the format that we now use to complete our take-offs.

It’s been 6 weeks since our team has completed our training course and it has made a vast improvement on our approach on how we do take-offs. I would highly recommend U Chapter 2 to any organization looking to learn Bluebeam as a novice or to become an expert on its many functions and features.

Doug McIntyre