Live Member Event – Dropbox & Bluebeam Integration

  • Live Member Event – Dropbox & Bluebeam Integration

    Posted by Troy DeGroot on February 15, 2023 at 9:47 am

    Thank you so much @sarnold for your live presentation showing how the integration of Bluebeam and Dropbox can unleash productivity by solving everyday pains. I received a lot of great feedback from those who attended, great presentation!

    Troy’s Take Aways:

    • The reminder of the importance of saving & sharing in a cloud platform rather than local computers. This is a no-brainer for most people these days, but I know that I myself have fallen into the habit of saving everything on my laptop. This has led to some panic situations at times. 😐
    • Dropbox Replay will be a powerful tool, especially as drown and scanning reality capture becomes a normal part of construction workflows. These technologies are becoming more powerful and more affordable every day.
    • I enjoyed the case study on Blue Lotus, how they’re using Bluebeam markups in their landscaping business to not only communicate in a very visual way with the customer but establish the takeoff as a byproduct. I push for this with all my implementation customers, and it’s fun to see it in practice.
    • All the stats you share at the beginning on how we all waste time and how it adds up along with the Blue Lotus testimonial of 70% time saving speaks to the benefits of integration.

    Premium Members can find the recording here.

    Thank you for being a resource to not only the UC2 Brainery community but the Bluebeam community as a whole!

    Premium Member Event – Solving Everyday Pains with Simple Integrations – The power of a connected workflow between Bluebeam and Dropbox to unleash productivity

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