In The Blue – Episode #9

In The Blue - Episode 9

About a year ago my team at U.S. CAD kicked off a podcast about all things Bluebeam!

“In the Blue” features hosts and guests who are on the cutting edge of AEC technology and experts with Bluebeam software.  Episode 9 features James Gammon of Cook & Boardman Group.

James Gammon is an Iraq War Veteran who found his way to Cook and Boardman. The Cook & Boardman family of companies is the largest distributor of commercial doors, frames & hardware, electronic access control equipment, and specialty (Division 10) products in the U.S. They also provide full systems integration services through its A3 Communications division – including physical security, access control, wireless networking, low voltage cabling, audio/visual, and managed information technology products.

  • Open Positions at the Cook & Boardman.
  • Learn how James ended up as the Corporate Technology Manager.
  • In addition to Bluebeam Revu, the company uses Comsense – Software for Architectural Opening Distribution
  • Entire branches going paperless.  The branches were Incentivized with 55” monitors for their workstations.
  • Find out more about Division 8 (Door frames and hardware), Division 10 (bathroom accessories) touchless systems, as well as Division 27 and 29 (Access controls)
  • James talks about how COVID changed their product offerings.
  • They’ve taken “one-stop-shop” to the extreme by covering everything in their bids.

James answers some questions about the immediate future.

  • What tech is going to exist in a commercial establishment in 3 years that may not exist now?  What’s going away due to technology advances and COVID concerns?
  • How will working from home affect Tenant Improvement opportunities for construction professionals?
  • The number of employees working from home has tripled demand for the Bluebeam Revu training inside the Company.

Given that we recorded this episode right at lunchtime, we discuss the finer points of Memphis vs Carolina Style BBQ.

We wrap up this episode with Natalie’s Tech Corner as Natalie Delacruz gives us her take on Bluebeam Revu 20. New Features, enhancement, fixes, and more.

Episode 9 features James Gammon from the Cook & Boardman Group
In The Blue Podcast #9

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