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Adding Images in Bluebeam Revu - Bluebeam Training - Field Data

In this post, we are going to be adding images in Bluebeam Revu.  I get a lot of surprised looks when I show the Flipbook tool and how we can add images to our PDF drawings.  Whether you are performing a Punch Walk, Site Inspection, taking Installation Notes or recording As-Builts, Revu has great tools for marking comments and attaching images, videos or 360 Degree images.

I started my career in a high school internship detailing structural steel for what I think was one of the last companies’ board drafting.  I owe my entire career to those four years of picking plans apart to visualize every dimension, beam, column, bolt, and hole.  This was where I was first exposed to site visits and field measurements. I learned the importance of how things are built and how collecting more data than needed saves return trips.  There’s a little background to the experience behind my writing.  While at it, I also want to add some disclaimers, workarounds and tips & tricks, so Click the Image to check out my latest video.

Verify With Manufacturer
Check with Structural

For more information on Linking a large number of images see my post titled Managing large numbers of images in your Markups or Presentations.

For more information regarding 360-degree images reference my post titled Bluebeam Revu – 360-Degree Photos

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