Bluebeam Revu 2017 New Features – Part 1

Bluebeam Plug-in for Revu CAD or Revu Extreme - Bluebeam Training

What a busy couple weeks, doing live demos and webinars on all the new features in Bluebeam Revu 2017. We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t shoot the messenger”, well when Bluebeam does a rollout of new features, it’s quite the opposite! It’s so fun to introduce users to such great tools and workflows, and to see them get excited envisioning the time they will save in everyday tasks. As a trainer, it’s fun to think back at past students and what tools will blow their mind.

If you haven’t seen the new features yet, hang in there, I’ll be posting videos of each as soon as I can. In this post, I want to quickly show an upgrade for CAD/Revit users that nobody’s really talking about.

For those who have Revu CAD or eXtreme editions, you have a Bluebeam Plug-In within your design software.



AutoCAD can now create 3D PDFs. Compatible with AutoCAD 2016 and 2017.

There is also some compatibility with SketchUp 2017

Revit will automatically create Places from views on your sheets when exporting to PDF. You can see how the Places are named after the view name and sorted by sheet. This is really easy to quickly create  to specific details in your drawing sets.

Compatible with Revit 2014-2017.

 Let me know what you think about this one and how you think it will change your PDF deliverables.

I’d be honored if you shared this blog with others who may be interested.  Thanks.

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