What is XCON? What Am I teaching? How Can You Attend for FREE?

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What is XCON you ask?

The truth, everyone who’s attended XCON in the past will say this conference is incredibly fun. The location is always amazing from Austin to San Diego and LA, we’ve seen some great sites. Add amazing meals, brewery tours, food trucks, rooftop dance parties, karaoke, and riding electric scooters through the Mall in Washington DC. Then there was the time everyone at Bluebeam sang Happy Birthday to me. Lol (Ever notice how long that song is in a room of 50 people?)

Even though this year’s event is virtual, I’m confident Bluebeam will not disappoint. They are incredibly creative, and I have no doubt this year will be amazing.

Let’s pretend for some crazy reason all the fun, food, and incredible people were removed from the event. At its core, XCON remains the highest valued event on my calendar every year.

This isn’t your typical event you hope to get a nugget or two from all the classes. For me, XCON is the event fueling every single piece of content I publish. From the next-level presenters to the collection of different use case demonstrations, when the two days are done, I’m bubbling over with ideas. I cannot create new video and blog content fast enough.

XCON is a time when I evaluate all my training courses making sure they remain the absolute best available. Above all, I walk away thinking about all the customers I’ve worked with and changes I need to bring to their attention.

Tim, Ryan, Doug, Chad, David, Stephanie, Beth….. Do I need to reach out to and discuss new tools or processes?  Are there new applications of existing tools that would streamline their workflows? Are there discussions in the Brainery community I need to bring back to life with new solutions?

Basically, when the doors of XCON close, I hit the ground running, to show up better for anyone who will listen.  

This year the event is September 28th and 29th and whether you’re approving a team member, asking for approval yourself, or simply investing in your own career, don’t miss out on XCON.

What Am I Teaching?

I’ve had the opportunity to teach several times over the last six years and I’m blessed with that honor again this year. My course is title “Supercharge Government e-Plan Reviews with File Automation and Bluebeam”.

I’ve done over 30 Bluebeam implementations for city and municipality agencies. Listening and learning the pain points within the entire workflow and found a solution. A partnership was formed with my friends at ColumbiaSoft as we pinpointed all the typical steps in the file management process and automated them.

Combined with custom markup tools in Bluebeam Revu, reviewing departments are seeing up to 69% time savings, greater consistency, and predictable results.

Have you already registered?

Join the discussion in the Brainery and let us know your course schedule.

XCON is the biggest and best Bluebeam conference in the world. win a free ticket to xcon

How Can You Attend for FREE?

Whether my class interests you or not, I want to see you there. In fact, I’m giving away two tickets.

Follow these two easy steps to qualify:

  1. Register for my UChapter2 newsletter. https://uchapter2.com/uc2-newsletter-signup/ It would be best to be in the loop anyway, I provide a lot of free content.
  2. Create a LinkedIn post with the following.

Count me in @UChapter2

**Be sure when you type @UChapter2 you select my company logo. This is what catches my attention!

I’ll be watching and enter everyone as they roll in. I’ve extended the qualification period another week to give more people a chance. The winner will be announced Friday afternoon, September 17th.

That’s only a week away, click that link and paste that LinkedIn post now before you forget.

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