You can create custom Punch Key Symbols in Bluebeam Revu?

Custom Punch Key Symbols in Bluebeam Revu

You can create custom punch key symbols in Bluebeam Revu?  It’s true!

In this first of three videos in a Collecting Field Data series, I’ll show you how to manually create custom punch key tools and attach field images or videos. Additionally, I show how you can upload a CSV list of key symbols, all at once, and developing your toolsets quickly. I have two more videos coming for collecting field data, including Field Data – Quick RFI’s and Field Data – Tips & Tricks.  Make sure you click the link to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Custom Punch Key Symbols in Bluebeam Revu
Click the image to see how!

For more information on Linking a large number of images see my post titled Managing large numbers of images in your Markups or Presentations.

For more information regarding 360-degree images reference my post titled Bluebeam Revu – 360-Degree Photos

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For more information on this topic, Click Here for a parallel article written for Bluebeam.

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