Free Hatch Patterns for Bluebeam Revu

Hatch Patterns for Bluebeam Revu

FREE DOWNLOAD ALERT:  Click here to download 82 of the most popular AutoCAD hatch patterns


Here is a video where I show how to import these patterns and even show how to create your own custom patterns.

Included in the FREE Bluebeam Revu Hatch Patterns download:

ANGLE.PAT – Angle steel
ANSI33.PAT – ANSI Bronze
ANSI34.PAT – ANSI Plastic
ANSI35.PAT – ANSI Fire Brick
ANSI36.PAT – ANSI Marble
ANSI38.PAT – ANSI Aluminum
AR-B816.PAT – 8×16 Block elevation stretcher bond
AR-B816C.PAT -8×16 Block elevation stretcher bond
AR-B88.PAT – 8×8 Block elevation stretcher bond
AR-BRELM.PAT – Standard brick elevation english bond
AR-BRSTD.PAT – Standard brick elevation stretcher bond
AR-CONC.PAT – Concrete
GROUT.PAT – Masonry Grout
AR0HBONE.PAT – Standard Brick Herringbone Pattern @45 Degrees
AR-PARQ1.PAT – 2×12 Parquet Flooring: 12×12 Pattern
AR-RROOF.PAT – Roof Shingle Texture
AR-RSHKE.PAT – Roof Wood Shake Texture
CLAY ROOF.PAT – Roof Clay Shingles
ARCH SHINGLE.PAT – Roof Architectural Shingles
BOX.PAT – Box Steel
BRASS.PAT – Brass Material
BRICK.PAT – Brick Or Masonry Surface
BRSTONE.PAT – Brick And Stone

CLAY.PAT – Clay Material
CORK.PAT – Cork Material
CROSS.PAT -Series of Crosses
DASH.PAT – dashed lines
DOLMIT.PAT – geological rock layering
DOTS.PAT – series of dots
EARTH.PAT – earth or ground (subterranean)
ESCHER.PAT -Escher pattern
FLEX.PAT – Flexible material
GOST_GLASS.PAT – Glass material
GOST_WOOD.PAT – Wood material
WOOD.PAT – curvy Wood Material
WOOD1.PAT – Simple Wood Material
GRASS1.PAT – Grass Area
GRASS2.PAT – Grass or Marsh
GATE.PAT – grated Area
AGGREGAT.PAT – Aggregate
GRAVEL.PAT – Gravel Pattern
GRAVEL1.PAT – Grave Pattern
GRAVEL2.PAT – Gravel Pattern
HEX.PAT – Hexagons
HONEY.PAT – Honeycomb Pattern
HOUND.PAT -Houndstooth Check
INSUL.PAT – Insulation Material
RIGID.PAT – Rigid Insulation
LINE.PAT – Parallel Horizontal Lines
NET.PAT – Horizontal / Vertical Grid
MUDST.PAT – Mud and Sand
NET3.PAT – Network Pattern 0-60-120

PLAST.PAT – Plastic Material
PLASTI.PAT – Plastic Material
SACNCR.PAT – Concrete
SQUARE.PAT – Small Aligned Squares
STARS.PAT – Star of David
STEEL.PAT – Steel Material
SWAMP.PAT – Swampy Area
TRANS.PAT – Heat Transfer Material
TRIANG.PAT – Equilateral triangles
WIREMESH.PAT – Wire Mesh or Weave
ZIGZAG.PAT – Staircase Effect
ACAD_ISO02W100.PAT – Dashed Line
ACAD_ISO03W100.PAT – dashed space line
ACAD_ISO04W100.PAT – long dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO05W100.PAT – long dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO06W100.PAT – long dashed triplicate dotted line
ACAD_ISO07W100.PAT – dotted line
ACAD_ISO08W100.PAT – long dashed short dashed line
ACAD_ISO09W100.PAT – long dashed double short dashed line
ACAD_ISO10W100.PAT – dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO11W100.PAT – double dashed dotted line
ACAD_ISO12W100.PAT – dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO13W100.PAT – double dashed double dotted line
ACAD_ISO14W100.PAT – dashed triplicate dotted line
ACAD_ISO15W100.PAT – double dashed triplicate dotted line

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  1. Hi,
    i want to hatch in 30 degree and 60 degree hatch pattern in bluebeam revu. so kindly guide me how to get those .pat file or how to make in this software? and another one is whenever i draw a line , i require 15 degree increment snap. how to set ?
    Advance Thank you.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Here is a video I posted a while back that will walk you through loading the .pat file. As far as the line at 15 degrees goes, I don’t know of a way to change the locked increments. You can freehand them, or hold your shift key to lock on the 45 degrees. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Troy,
        Not sure if the free hatch patterns are still available. Can you please assist me to get them ?


        1. I will make sure the get sent to you!

  2. Thanks for your Guide and your video. I have already seen this video .
    I am working as a Piping Draughtsman . i need to hatch 30 degree and 60 degree Hatch if pipe undergoes rolling or inclined . in that place , i have to hatch for represent that its rolling . so kindly guide to me , i import from acad.pat also . but no use to get that 30 , 60 degree . Even i dont need that increment snap , i can manage. if there is any chance to get that .pat for 30,60 degree . please upload , that will be more useful to my profession.

    advance thank you. sorry for interupt and disturb if there is as you feel.

  3. And One more thing is, When i create a new multiline , dash-line-dash . like this, i need dash line width should vary from main line . how to create .

  4. Do you know if the free hatch patterns are still available? I have tried it 3 times and not received the email.

    1. I forwarded your email address and asked to make sure you get them. Sorry about that. Keep me posted!

  5. Hi there, thanks for your info… I too have tried and several times and have not received the email.

    1. In many cases Joe, the email is getting blocked. Can you check your junk folder?

  6. Yeah I have tried multiple business email addresses and with different domains. Does not work. Not in junk folder, deleted items, etc.

    1. Thanks for checking and getting back to me Darren. I forwarded your email address and asked to make sure you get them. Sorry about that. Keep me posted!

  7. Is there a way to leave islands without hatching within a larger shape similar to the feature in Autocad.

    1. If you’re using a shape from the Markup Tools, no. However, if you use the Area Measurement tool, there is a Polygon Cutout tool in the Area Pulldown in the Measurement Panel. You can apply a hatch pattern to the Area Measurement in the Properties, if you are only looking for a hatch with no measurement, simply turn off the label in the properties.

      Let me know if this helps!

  8. Are the downloadable hatch patterns still available? IF so how can i go about downloading them. Thanks
    John D. Fulton Jr. AIA

    1. Here is the link John. enjoy!

  9. Hello,

    Similar to everyone above, are the hatches still available?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. I let my team know, you should have already received the file. Keep me posted!

  10. Can you please send that to me as well?


    1. Manish I have updated the link at the top of the blog post, you will find the download information there. Thanks!

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